Entering into relationship

Business relationship

Dear Client,

We have compiled here the most common contractual documents to enable you to easily find the terms of the documentation you have signed with Cité Gestion.

These documents are "in blank".

Please contact your relationship manager if you would like to obtain a new copy of the documents as completed and signed by you or if some documents relevant to your situation are not listed under this link.

Account opening  documents:

Application to open an individual account and General Terms (CGE 001).pdf

Form 1 pers (CGE 005a).pdf

Form 2 pers (CGE 005a).pdf

Form 4 pers (CGE 005a).pdf

Representatives and Signatories Powers 2 pers (CGE 007).pdf

Representatives and Signatories Powers 4 pers (CGE 007).pdf

Joint Account Application - Conditions and General Terms 3 pers (CGE 010).pdf

Deed of Pledge and assignment (CGE 012).pdf

Sub-account Opening (CGE 033).pdf


Release for E-mail (CGE 013bis).pdf

Release for E-mail - third parties (CGE 013ter).pdf

E-Communication (CGE 028).pdf

Investment Mandates:

Asset Management Agreement (CGE 014).pdf

Asset Management - Non deposited assets (CGE 020).pdf

Execution Only - Non deposited Assets (CGE 021).pdf

Mandate for execution of instructions (CGE 021bis).pdf

Advisory Mandate (CGE 092).pdf

Advisory Mandate - Non deposited Assets (CGE 092ter).pdf

Fiscal documents:

Tax Assistance Individuals (CGE 026).pdf

Self Certification for FATCA US-TAX (DNUS CGE 037).pdf

Authorisation Investment in third countries (CGE 062).pdf


Subscription of non recommended investments (CGE 063bis).pdf

Waiver for risk of concentration (CGE 064).pdf

Investments with special risks (CGE 065).pdf

Investments with special risks - outside investment universe (CGE 066).pdf

Investment profil not suitable (CGE 067).pdf 

Consolidation Convention (CGE 138).pdf