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« Sell in May and Go away » ? Statistics say : « Not really »

Everybody has heard at least once the financial adage « Sell in May and go away », suggesting that stock markets have historically corrected in May.

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Cité Gestion and Swiss rowing

Cité Gestion is pleased to support the talented athlete Sofia Meakin. She won the World Rowing Cup which took place in Zagreb from April 30 to May 2, 2021.

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Cité Gestion commits to local sustainability

Spring is here! And we would like to take this opportunity to put a spotlight on Stéphanie Vuadens, founder of the Geneva company "Les Miels de Stéphanie". 

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Cité Gestion Carbon Emission Certificate

Cité Gestion fights pollution and benefit from it by investing in Carbon notes. A climate change crisis ? A key indicator is signaling a million-year anomaly…

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Newsletter : The Fed still King | April 2021

Cité Gestion is pleased to announce the launch of its April 2021 Newsletter.

  1. Macro, Fixed Income and Rates
  2. Equity 
  3. Forex and Commodities
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Welcome to Mr. José Prieto

Cité Gestion is pleased to announce the arrival of Mr. Prieto in its Geneva offices. José Prieto has joined the team of Mr. W. Leuba, for the Iberian market, together with Ms. Garcia and Ms. Mancini Grin, all from UBS.

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Cité Gestion Growth Strategy

Cité Gestion has launched its Growth Strategy certificate. This certificate aims to provide capital appreciation over the medium term and is composed mainly of passive instruments such as ETFs. The focus is on asset allocation which is based on the Cité Gestion growth profile with 60% exposure to equities. Changes in asset allocation are not frequent and the strategy has a « buy and hold » approach for investors with a longer-term time horizon. The Cité Gestion Growth Strategy certificate is issued by Julius Bär. The certificate is open and tradable in 10 banks among which UBS, Credit Suisse and Swissquote.

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Interview with Patrick Voegeli in Sphere Magazine

Cité Gestion aims to accelerate its development in Zurich. Recently appointed partner of the wealth management company, Patrick Voegeli is in charge of contributing to this growth, with the mission of developing private clients by focusing on entrepreneurs, notably through a product approach. (Press release in French or in German)

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Newsletter : Inflation Revival ? | March 2021

Cité Gestion is pleased to announce the launch of its March 2021 Newsletter.

  1. February 2021 Review
  2. Macro Update
  3. Fixed income Strategy
  4. Equity Strategy
  5. Forex and Commodities
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Welcome to Mrs. Laetitia Glauser Vulliemin

Cité Gestion is pleased to announce the arrival of Mrs. Glauser Vulliemin in its Lausanne offices. She joined Cité Gestion in order to provide a quality and personalised service in financial investment management and wealth planning.

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Cité Gestion and the Zermatters

Since December 2020, Cité Gestion is delighted to be, for the next 4 years, the main partner of the ESS (Ski and Snowboard Schools) and of the Zermatt guides who are grouped together within the Zermatters.

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Newsletter : The Reflation Trade | February 2021

Cité Gestion is pleased to announce the launch of its February 2021 Newsletter.

  1. January 2021 Review
  2. Macro Update
  3. Fixed income strategy
  4. Equity strategy
  5. Forex and commodities
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Cité Gestion AtonRâ Smart Innovation Startegy

Together with Geneva-based asset manager AntonRâ, Cité Gestion launched an actively managed long-only certificate in US dollars in December 2019, which has since delivered a strong performance.

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Cité Gestion and Swiss Alpine skiing

Since 2020, Cité Gestion has been supporting Swiss alpine skier Pierre Bovet. His personal journey expresses the essence of freedom where independence and perseverance are the key features.

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Newsletter : The After-Trump Era | January 2021

Cité Gestion is pleased to announce the launch of its January 2021 Newsletter.

  1. 2020 Review
  2. Macro Update : Inflation, Covid, Vaccine and Biden
  3. Equity strategy
  4. Fixed income strategy
  5. Forex and commodities
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Cité Gestion : Growth towards the East

Cité Gestion is pleased to welcome Ms. Elena Moser and her team of relationship managers – Mr. Evgeni Altaev and Ms. Irina Dmitrevskaia.

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Cité Gestion is continuing to develop and has appointed three new Partners

In pursuing its development strategy, Cité Gestion announces the appointment of Virginie Constance, Manuela Rossire and Elena Moser as Partners of the securities firm as of January 1, 2021.

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Newsletter : Goldilocks | December 2020

Cité Gestion is pleased to announce the launch of its December 2020 Newsletter : Goldilocks ?

  1. Overview and market trend
  2. Macro Update: Light at the end of the Covid tunnel
  3. Equity strategy
  4. Fixed income strategy
  5. Forex and commodities
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Newsletter : Peak Uncertainty | November 2020

Cité Gestion is pleased to announce the launch of its November 2020 Newsletter.

  1. Overview and market trend
  2. Macro Update: Covid’s second wave: a headwind for the fourth quarter but…
  3. Macro Update: US Election update: Towards the best scenario for financial markets
  4. Equity strategy
  5. Fixed income strategy
  6. Forex and commodities
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Cité Gestion’s goal is to reach 5 billion CHF asset under management at the end of next year

Based in Geneva, the company has doubled in size in three years. It expects its assets to grow by 10 to 15%. Discover the interview of Guy Barbey, published in L'Agefi on October 30, 2020.

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Colis du Cœur Foundation : making a commitment for those in need

Sensitive to the practical difficulties experienced by so many people around us, Cité Gestion, as part of a group of financial companies in Geneva, has decided to financially support the work of the Colis du Coeur Foundation.

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Welcome to Mr. Leuba and his team

Cité Gestion is pleased to integrate new skills to cover the European market more broadly, thanks notably to the structuring of a new division dedicated to the Iberian Peninsula.

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US Elections: what are the tail risks?

Two weeks ahead of the US elections, Biden’s polling lead over Donald Trump is big. Nevertheless, we cannot just file the election as a done deal. The outcome of the US elections could raises two possible tail risks for financial markets.

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How much risk is priced-in ahead of the US election?

Less than a month ahead of the US presidential election, financial markets are moving erratically, reacting to Donald Trump’s positive Covid test as much as to its hospital exit.

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Cité Gestion continues on its growth path and appoints five new Partners

Cité Gestion is continuing on its growth path and has appointed Christian Hirt, Charles-Aymeric Hainault, Gauthier Merkli and Christoph Enz as Partners in recognition of their excellent service to the company. Cité Gestion also announced that Patrick Voegeli joined the company as a new Partner on September 1, 2020.

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A stronger ambition

A little more than one year after its merger with Cité Gestion and despite the current health and financial context, the targeted growth objective pursued by Cité Gestion and Ultra Finanz SA has been reinforced and confirms the relevance of the business model for its clients. (Press Release in French)

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What difference does independence make?

In Geneva, Cité Gestion has surpassed the 4 billion asset mark, almost two years after leaving Lombard Odier. This spring, former Pictet managers launched their own company, supported by Natixis. (Article in French)

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Cité Gestion and the Gourmet Courses

Les Parcours Gourmands de l'ASGI, in partnership with Cité Gestion SA, is above all a story of friends in love with golf, which has become a tradition after a few years. (Article in French)

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